BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
skills_and_conditionsMap marker -> (StatusIndictator, Condition)...nsensfel3 months
masterMoves 'other' folder to tacticians-design/miscnsensfel5 months
attributes_removalMakes it pass Dialyzer's checks again.Nathanael Sensfelder9 months
omnimodsFixes issues with login in.Nathanael Sensfelder18 months
map-handlerGot it to work and look okay. Only for map-editor.Nathanael Sensfelder19 months
reorganizing... it actually seems to work rather well.Nathanael Sensfelder21 months
code-improvementsFixes arg order, JSON encodes timeline elements.Nathanael Sensfelder22 months
timelineReverses some lists.nsensfel24 months
refactoringI might have been using JSON the wrong way.nsensfel24 months
stats_calcStarting to add weapons to the mix.nsensfel2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-30Moves 'other' folder to tacticians-design/miscHEADmasternsensfel
2019-09-30Ensure same char can do multiple AoOs.nsensfel
2019-09-16Changes to the omnimods scale function.nsensfel
2019-09-12Links MIN/MAX to tacticians-data.nsensfel
2019-09-10Woops, that triggers error when the pwd is correctNathanael Sensfelder
2019-09-10Sets correct values as base attributes.Nathanael Sensfelder
2019-09-10Transforms some "assert" into error throws.Nathanael Sensfelder
2019-09-10Should fix damage calculation.Nathanael Sensfelder
2019-09-09Spotted a mistake in shr_equipment.nsensfel
2019-09-07Adds family IDs to glyphs.Nathanael Sensfelder