BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master...Nathanael Sensfelder5 days
attributes_removalMakes it pass Dialyzer's checks again.Nathanael Sensfelder2 months
omnimodsFixes issues with login in.Nathanael Sensfelder12 months
map-handlerGot it to work and look okay. Only for map-editor.Nathanael Sensfelder13 months
reorganizing... it actually seems to work rather well.Nathanael Sensfelder15 months
code-improvementsFixes arg order, JSON encodes timeline elements.Nathanael Sensfelder15 months
timelineReverses some lists.nsensfel17 months
refactoringI might have been using JSON the wrong way.nsensfel18 months
stats_calcStarting to add weapons to the mix.nsensfel18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 days...HEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder
6 daysAdds naive collection generator.Nathanael Sensfelder
7 daysUse blc_error in blc_{armor,weapon}.Nathanael Sensfelder
7 days...Nathanael Sensfelder
10 daysNot using the "MAX_POINTS" constants.Nathanael Sensfelder
10 days...Nathanael Sensfelder
10 days...Nathanael Sensfelder
10 days...Nathanael Sensfelder
2019-08-10Statistics -> Attributes.Nathanael Sensfelder
2019-07-29Working on a different way to balance stats...Nathanael Sensfelder