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* Merge branch 'master' of dreamhost:~/repositories/git/tacticians-dataHEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder2019-06-14
| * base -> bse.nsensfel2019-05-17
* | Commits forgotten changes...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-06-14
* Removes 'none' list terminators.nsensfel2019-04-29
* from_class_id -> from_id.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-02-15
* Adds one type of spawn tile per player.nsensfel2019-02-15
* moves error.m4d to special.m4d, adds spawn tile.nsensfel2019-02-14
* Adds forest, swaps water & grass levels.nsensfel2019-02-14
* Adds more secondary weapons.nsensfel2019-02-08
* Makes mud more interesting...nsensfel2019-01-31
* Adds secondary weapons.nsensfel2019-01-30
* Adds more (unbalanced) glyph boards, base defense.nsensfel2019-01-30
* More glyphs...nsensfel2019-01-30
* ID as strings.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-11-15
* Use strings in the JSON also.nsensfel2018-10-16
* Use integers instead of floats.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-10-08
* Fixes omnimods not appearing.nsensfel2018-10-05
* Working on the addition of glyphs & their boards.nsensfel2018-10-05
* Woops, portraits use binary strings as ID.nsensfel2018-10-03
* Adds portraits as a data listing.nsensfel2018-10-02
* Updates tile patterns to the new format.nsensfel2018-09-05
* Fixes various mistakes.omnimodsNathanael Sensfelder2018-08-28
* Fixes code style selection.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-08-28
* Can't use a record there.nsensfel2018-08-28
* Fixes a few issues, makes it easier to read & use.nsensfel2018-08-28
* Converts the weapons, adds glyphs and their boardsnsensfel2018-08-28
* ...nsensfel2018-08-27
* Any item can impact pretty much any value.nsensfel2018-08-27
* Got it to work and look okay. Only for map-editor.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-08-03
* Introduces families & depth.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-08-03
* Updates the tile patterns.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-08-02
* Moves to the new tile format.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-08-02
* Adds & fix patterns, adds more water tiles.nsensfel2018-07-18
* The Prettifier works.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-07-17
* ...nsensfel2018-07-16
* Prepares for the "Prettifier" tool.nsensfel2018-07-16
* Exposes max tile ID.nsensfel2018-07-13
* Fixes the "TO_CHAR" macros.nsensfel2018-07-13
* Adds current data.nsensfel2018-07-13