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* Re-check character validity on equipment change.HEADmasternsensfel2019-09-17
* Removes damage icon.nsensfel2019-09-16
* Dmg type from T-Data, no more atk sum.nsensfel2019-09-16
* Changes omni scale op, Sec. WP allows negative attnsensfel2019-09-16
* Display proper color when attribute is negative.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-14
* Removes code smell, fixes roster editor atts view.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-14
* Shows omnimods with the slot's modifier applied.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-14
* More SVGs.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-13
* Adds some SVGs.nsensfel2019-09-13
* Ensures 3 omnimods per line.nsensfel2019-09-13
* More successful attempt at improving omnimods UI.nsensfel2019-09-13
* Revert "Experimenting with icons"Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-12
* Experimenting with iconsnsensfel2019-09-12
* Adds min values when displaying omnimods in battle.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-12
* Improves presentation of attributes in battle.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-12
* ...nsensfel2019-09-11
* ...nsensfel2019-09-11
* ...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-11
* Makes glyph selection more user-friendly.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-09
* Merge branch 'master' of dreamhost:~/repositories/git/tacticians-clientNathanael Sensfelder2019-09-09
| * Highlights invalid glyphs.nsensfel2019-09-09
* | ...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-09
* Highlights negative values.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-06
* Working on the UI...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-09-06
* Quick removal of omnimods from glyph boards.nsensfel2019-09-06
* ...attributes_removalNathanael Sensfelder2019-08-29
* Statistics -> Attributes.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-08-10
* Forgotten change.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-07-15
* Default to 100% attack strength.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-06-14
* Removes all references to attributes.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-06-14
* Fixes animation manager rewind.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-06-13
* Adds AoO pathfinding & temporary representation.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-06-13
* Working on Attacks of Opportunity...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-06-12
* Updates Dijkstra's to avoid attacks of opportunity.nsensfel2019-05-14
* Adds danger zone calculation.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-05-09
* (Untested) Should set player_ix, keep track of player chars.nsensfel2019-05-09
* Working on markers...nsensfel2019-05-07
* Minor UI improvements.nsensfel2019-05-06
* Adds partial Marker edition (no permissions yet).nsensfel2019-05-03
* Fixes the Accuracy help text.nsensfel2019-05-03
* Base dmg icon, dmg types help.nsensfel2019-05-03
* Makes it less of a dark smudge.nsensfel2019-05-03
* Adds some help for stats & attributes.nsensfel2019-05-03
* Still a lot of work to be done with the CSS...nsensfel2019-04-29
* It compiles again!Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-27
* [Broken] ...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-26
* [Broken] ...nsensfel2019-03-26
* [Broken] ... 'battle' compiles again ...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-23
* [Broken] ... still refactoring ...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-23
* [Broken] ...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-23