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* Seems better now.nsensfel2018-04-17
* Changing the layout...nsensfel2018-04-17
* Forgot file.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-16
* Merge branch 'master' of dreamhost:~/repositories/git/tacticians-clientnsensfel2018-04-16
| * Adds a button for attack without moving.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-16
* | Makes it easier to distinguish friend/enemy/dead.nsensfel2018-04-16
* Improves "noise" function.nsensfel2018-04-13
* More small cosmetic improvementsnsensfel2018-04-11
* Style improvements.nsensfel2018-04-11
* Brown for the left panel as well.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-10
* Brown fits better.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-10
* Puts path below markers when it is locked.nsensfel2018-04-10
* Merge branch 'master' of dreamhost:~/repositories/git/tacticians-clientnsensfel2018-04-10
| * Makes the use of macros less dangerous.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-09
| * Makes arrows thinner and more celtic.nsensfel2018-04-09
* | Separates makefile logics.nsensfel2018-04-10
* Cleans up the Makefiles.nsensfel2018-04-09
* Adds preprocessing.nsensfel2018-04-09
* Reduces arrow length.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-07
* Use the new SVG to show paths.nsensfel2018-04-07
* Adds art for the paths.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-07
* Makes more of a mess for the 'noise' function.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-06
* Use SVG for tiles.nsensfel2018-04-06
* Tiles are now 3*3 sprites.nsensfel2018-04-06
* Removes template layerNathanael Sensfelder2018-03-29
* Adds some tiles.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-03-28
* Makes it fatter.nsensfel2018-03-26
* Odd display behaviors point to bad CSS rules.nsensfel2018-03-26
* Stops having tiles behave as an table.nsensfel2018-03-26
* Starting to work on the look & feel.nsensfel2018-03-23
* Makes non-defendable spots more visible.nsensfel2018-03-23
* Improves marker display.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-03-21
* Adds info on the secondary weapon.nsensfel2018-03-20
* Fixes navigator attack range when moving 1 step.nsensfel2018-03-16
* Visual improvements. Reverses some listings.timelinensensfel2018-03-14
* Improves attack messages.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-03-13
* Splits Timeline.elm.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-03-13
* Applies the effect of the timeline update.nsensfel2018-03-13
* Improving display of timeline & characters...nsensfel2018-03-13
* Starting to work on the timeline feature.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-03-12
* Send -> CommNathanael Sensfelder2018-03-09
* Hacked together some kind of timeline feature.refactoringnsensfel2018-03-09
* Got the TurnResults JSON to work, I think.nsensfel2018-03-09
* New JSON decoding works, starting TurnResults...nsensfel2018-03-09
* ...nsensfel2018-03-09
* Still working on that JSON stuff...nsensfel2018-03-07
* Changing how JSON is used...nsensfel2018-03-06
* Switching to a new way of sending char_turns.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-03-02
* Switching weapons seems to work.weaponsnsensfel2018-02-27
* Got it to work, I think.nsensfel2018-02-26