BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
code-improvementsSeems to work reasonably well.Nathanael Sensfelder6 years
masterFound an issue.Nathanael Sensfelder6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-01-05Found an issue.HEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder
2016-09-23Improves support for CTCP ACTIONs.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-09-21Fixes "No back sequence" + forbids name as pillar.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-07-24Experimenting with K Order Markovian chains.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-06-09Adds missing file from previous commit.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-06-08ZoO now appends anything it learns to a file.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-06-01Fixes ping timeouts causing infine loop.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-05-27Working on improving the network handling.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-05-06Fixes '--help' parameter not exiting ZoO.Nathanael Sensfelder
2016-05-06Makes the main CMakeLists.txt more portable.Nathanael Sensfelder