BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFixes ';' not being usable in words.Nathanael Sensfelder14 months
parser_reworkThe blackjack example works again.Nathanael Sensfelder19 months
refactoring...Nathanael Sensfelder2 years
extra_functional`add_element` can now take multiple elements.Nathanael Sensfelder2 years
polymorphic_registersGot it to work, I think...nsensfel3 years
functionsLooks like it works. Damn fun to use, too.Nathanael Sensfelder3 years
wyrd_compiler...Nathanael Sensfelder3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-30Fixes ';' not being usable in words.HEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder
2022-01-30Another attempt at fixing the spacing issue.Nathanael Sensfelder
2022-01-30Adds text constant optimization, fixes spacing.Nathanael Sensfelder
2022-01-15Adds prompt_float instruction.Nathanael Sensfelder
2021-12-25Turns Wyrd's computation into the instruction.Nathanael Sensfelder
2021-12-24Removes 'new' Wyrd instruction.Nathanael Sensfelder
2021-12-22Adds prompt_command.Nathanael Sensfelder
2021-12-02Better comment system + a few bug fixes.Nathanael Sensfelder
2021-11-05Switch target is pretty much always a non string.Nathanael Sensfelder
2021-10-28trims spaces around (newline), pre-resolve variables in AmbiguousWord, remove...Nathanael Sensfelder