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master...Nathanael Sensfelder5 days
parser_reworkThe blackjack example works again.Nathanael Sensfelder14 days
refactoring...Nathanael Sensfelder9 months
extra_functional`add_element` can now take multiple elements.Nathanael Sensfelder9 months
polymorphic_registersGot it to work, I think...nsensfel12 months
functionsLooks like it works. Damn fun to use, too.Nathanael Sensfelder13 months
wyrd_compiler...Nathanael Sensfelder14 months
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5 days...HEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder
5 days...Nathanael Sensfelder
8 daysWarning on dangerously named user content. (Blackjack example updated)Nathanael Sensfelder
10 daysDeclaration + definition shorthand.Nathanael Sensfelder
10 daysBug fix + blackjack update.Nathanael Sensfelder
10 daysBug fixes, more shorthands, and Increment/Decrement instructionsNathanael Sensfelder
11 daysFixes collections attempting to compile with their content's base type.Nathanael Sensfelder
12 daysResolving a lot of TODOs.Nathanael Sensfelder
13 daysAdds error handling for generic instructions/computations (prints documentation)Nathanael Sensfelder
14 daysUpdates the README to match the new syntax.Nathanael Sensfelder