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+Characters have an Skill Point (SP) gauge. It starts empty. SP capacity is
+determined by the chosen skill.
+Performing a hit grants 1 SP (this includes double hit and parry attacks).
+At the end of a player's turn, each of their character gets 1 SP.
+Each character has exactly one skill, which is chosen like any other part of
+their equipment. The use of a skill counts as an action (i.e.~it replaces either
+switching weapons or attacking).
+Multiple variants of the same skill allow players to select a more costly skill
+for an increase in either power (Alpha variant), duration (Beta variant), or
+both (Gamma variant). Possible additional variants: limited to use on self,
+targeting all of a player's character, capacity allowing multiple uses. The
+increase should not be linear (e.g.~2 times the power costs 175\% of the default
+version). The X Gamma variant combines the advantages of the Beta and the Alpha
+versions. It obviously costs way more than either of them. Another variation
+could be to have the skill triggered later, by targeting a tile. Depending on
+the variant, a character (ally, enemy, or either) would trigger the effect upon
+walking on the tile. This could for example be used for a self-resurrection
+Ideas for some skills:
+\item \textbf{Attack Anywhere:}
+ The caster performs an attack on the target with their current weapon,
+ regardless of where that target is.
+\item \textbf{Shields Up:}
+ Target benefits from {D: 25, A0: 50, A1: 75}% damage reduction for
+ {D: 1, B0: 2, B1: 3} turns. Variants: {D, A0, A1, B0, B1, G0, G1}.
+\item \textbf{Static Heal:}
+ Target heals for {D: 20, A0: 40, A1: 60, A2: 80, A3: 100} HPs, if nothing
+ prevents it. {D, A0, A1, A2, A3}:
+* Percentage Heal {D, A0, A1, A2, A3}:
+ Target heals for {D: 15, A0: 25, A1: 35, A2: 50, A3: 65} percent of their
+ maximum HPs, if nothing prevents it.
+* Healing Over Time {D, A0, A1, A2, A3, B0, B1, B2, B3, G0, G1, G2, G3}:
+ Target gains a {D: 4, B0: 6, B2: 8, B3: 10} turns duration status that heals
+ them for {D: 6, A0: 12, A1: 18, A2: 24, A3: 30} HPs.
+* Dispel {D, A0}:
+ Target loses {D: a random, A0: all} active status(es).
+* Redirection:
+ Target and caster swaps all their active status.
+* Overload {D, A0, A1, B0, B1, G0, G1}:
+ Target gains a {D: 1, B0: 2, B1: 3} status providing a {D: 5, A0: 10, A1:
+ 20}% damage increase per active status (including this one) when attacking.
+ The count is done during the attack, not during the cast.
+* Trickster {D, A0, A1}:
+ Target and caster swaps {D: secondary, A0: active, A1: all} weapon(s).
+* Confusion:
+ The target equips their secondary weapon.
+* Vampire {D, A0, A1, A2, B0, B1, B2, G0, G1, G2}:
+ Caster gains the "Vampire" active status. The Vampire status lasts
+ {D: 3, B0: 6, B1: 9, B2: 12} turns and, for melee attacks: grants
+ {D: 10, A0: 15, A1: 20, A2: 25}% life-steal, and adds the Vampire status
+ to the defender (with a reset duration).
+* Teleportation:
+ The caster is teleported to the target tile, if applicable.
+* Switch:
+ Caster and target swap locations.
+* Mark Target {D, A0, A1, A2, B0, B1, B2, G0, G1, G2}:
+ The target gains an active status, "Target", that increases the critical
+ chance and precision of attacks it receives. The status lasts {D: 1, B0: 2,
+ B1: 3, B2: 4} turns, and increases chances by {D: 15, A0: 25, A1: 35, A2: 45}
+ points.
+* Petrify {D, B0, B1}:
+ The target becomes inactive and invulnerable for {D: 1, B0: 2, B1: 3} turns.
+* Sacrifice {D, A0, A1, A2, A3}:
+ Target gains <cost of the skill> SP points.
+* Denial {D, B0, B1, B2}:
+ Target is unable to gain SP points from attacks, parries, or defenses for
+ {D: 2, B0: 4, B1: 6} turns.