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* Now shows attack range.range-indicatorsNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-23
* Remove the prev RangeIndicators upon char changeNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-23
* Fixes "Too much recursion" and some similar issuesNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-23
* First shot at range indicators.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-22
* Navigator.reset_tile t -> Tile.set_tile dir treorderingNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-22
* Clears up Battlemap/Navigator.elmNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-22
* Clears up View.elm.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-22
* Clears up Update.elm a bit.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-22
* No more import ... exposing.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-22
* Adds movement points, indicator for current char.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-21
* Improves path indicators.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-21
* Adds backtrack support.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-18
* Characters can actually move.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-18
* Character-focused navigators.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-18
* Adds UI to test the Navigator.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-15
* Satisfied with Elm so far, let's go with it.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-15