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* No idea how I didn't see that during my tests.timeout-optionNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-25
* Implements quick & dirty fix for the EV_KEY.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-25
* Fixes timeout parsing.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-25
* Untested userfriendliness improvement for timeoutsNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-25
* Quick fix.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-23
* Seems to work, mostly.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-23
* Nevermind, I just did something stupid.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-23
* Currently facing "Bad file descriptor" errors...Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-23
* Starting to work on a timeout option.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-18
* Update README.mdNathanaël Sensfelder2015-09-06
* Update README.mdNathanaël Sensfelder2015-09-05
* Better debug options, better string comparisons.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-04
* Now support 'real' relative input devices, introduces 'options', the virtual ...Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-03
* Adds compilation options, renames preprocessor macros to avoid collisions.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-03
* Now applies the 'fuzz' and 'flat' properties.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-03
* Adds the 'Troubleshooting' section.Nathanaël Sensfelder2015-09-02
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:nsensfel/relabsdNathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
| * Typos, english correctionNathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
* | Adds much needed verbose flags to the compiler and corrects the issues they p...Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:nsensfel/relabsdNathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
| * Adds the 'Result' section.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
* | relabsd is no longer limited to 6DOF devices.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
* | Sets the default debug level to zero.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
* Adds some comments, as well as minor code improvements.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-02
* Added a readme for GitHubNathanael Sensfelder2015-09-01
* Initial commit.Nathanael Sensfelder2015-09-01