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* Forces checking subfolder are up to date, -ZoO +JHHEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-01
* Improves README (hopefully).Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-01
* Switched to Makefiles.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-01
* Fixes connection test.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-08-23
* Adds timeout to connection test.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-08-19
* Attempts to deal with timeouts.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-08-18
* Fixes invalid read in JH_meta_net_handle_replyNathanael Sensfelder2017-06-26
* Woops, forgot.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-06-16
* Fixes issue with options, username vs nick.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-04-28
* Got the thing to work.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-04-28
* Initial Commit.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-04-22