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* ...HEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder2019-04-01
* Lazy fix, string encoding is likely still an issue.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-21
* ...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-13
* Protects access to the socket using a mutex.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-11
* Fixes JH socket usage.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-03-05
* Maybe adds a last resort timeout function.nsensfel2019-01-31
* Using clean_content instead of content for mgs.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-01-30
* Can't have '\n' characters in messages...Nathanael Sensfelder2019-01-28
* No longer respond to its own messages, chat log.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-01-27
* Adds a quick'n'dirty script to connect to Discord.Nathanael Sensfelder2019-01-26