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* Forces checking of subcomponents.HEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder2017-09-01
* Improves README (hopefully).Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-01
* Forgot to include the CFLAGS in the last step.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-01
* Switches to Makefiles.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-09-01
* Signal handling, code improvements.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-07-16
* $CFLAGS handlingNathanael Sensfelder2017-06-16
* Homogenization changes.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-04-22
* Gives more precise attributes to print_help args.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-04-22
* Replaces mention of Zero of One from the license.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-04-22
* Initial Commit.Nathanael Sensfelder2017-04-22