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* Prepares for solution printing...HEADmasternsensfel2018-05-31
* Adds a way to find the string matching an element.nsensfel2018-05-31
* Merge branch 'master' of dreamhost:~/repositories/git/hastabelNathanael Sensfelder2018-05-30
| * (forall ... (and ...)) -> (forall ... (implies ...))nsensfel2018-05-30
* | Might fix the missing 'is_in_path' issues.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-30
* Should fix missing relevant signatures.nsensfel2018-05-29
* Trying (and failing) to use the async FF prop.nsensfel2018-05-29
* Signature aren't just collections, they're lists.nsensfel2018-05-28
* Fixes some toString...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-26
* Adds some toString and equals.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-26
* CTLVerifies is directly converted to first-order.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-26
* Adds some accessors...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-26
* Add the partial member, not the whole one, on maskNathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Fixes partial signature mixing up with normal ones.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Still working on jokers and multiple signatures...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Starting to get back support for jokers...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Seeked variables' types are indeed used...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Trying to figure out why some predicates are emptyNathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Adds "is_used" markers.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Allows for a standalone Jar.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-25
* Getting it to work with hastabel2idp...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Makes it easier to publish the jar.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Let's not ignore the graph transfo result.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Adds Graphs to First Order logic.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Strings are put as-is in the model.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* It compiles!Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Continuation, also, making it more readable.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* ...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Slowly integrating Tabellion's property parsing...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Slowly adding things to handle formulas...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Fixes install copy not working by default.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* ...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24
* Starting a HaStABeL library...Nathanael Sensfelder2018-05-24