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+What should be in data/GROUPS?
+"GROUPS" files indicate lists of groups. One group per line, and the definition
+uses the syntax "A::B::C" (without the quotes).
+A is the human readable name for this group.
+B is the group identified. It must be unique.
+C is the list of sources for the data. It is a list of C1::C2 values (separated
+by ::), C1 indicating how the URL in C2 should be interpreted.
+Accepted values for C1:
+- celcat: Expects an URL to a XML file generated by CELCAT.
+- lazy_ics: Expects an URL to an ICS file. The filtering is "lazy", meaning that
+ if an class name is part of an ICS event summary (even if it's not the whole
+ summary), it will be considered part of this class (e.g. the event summary
+ "Lego exam for class 3" will be matched by a class filtering for
+ "Lego exam"). Events belonging to multiple classes are put in "unknown" and
+ generate a warning in the logs.
+- ics: Expects an URL to an ICS file. The filtering is strict, meaning that
+ if the class name is not exactly the value of an ICS event summary, it
+ will not get the event.
+- lazy_ics_nouid: Imagine, for some reaaally weird reason, the ICS calendar
+ you took as input had invalid UIDs (or repeating ones). This will behave like
+ lazy_ics, but replaces all the UIDs from the input by (hopefully) sane ones.
+- ics_nouid: Take a guess (or look at lazy_ics_nouid).
+- dhx_cal: I don't remember exacly. Its was for the M2RIT_RO class, the url
+ being http://m2rit-ro.recherche.enac.fr/calendrier/php/events.php.
+- camsi: Parsing for the (likely no longer functioning) CAMSI website.
+All Students::M2RIT_RO::dhx_cal::http://m2rit-ro.recherche.enac.fr/calendrier/php/events.php::lazy_ics::http://www.laas.fr/template/laas-cnrs-2009/support/protected/modules/seminaires/seminaires/calendrier/seminaires_laas.ics::lazy_ics::https://www.multiagentsystems.org/calendar/seminaires_toulouse.ics
+What should be in data/CLASSES?
+Same idea as the GROUPS, each line is an A::B::C entry.
+C is unique ID for the class. Multiple fields sharing the same C values allow
+ for multiple filters for that class.
+B is the filter. It should also be unique. That text will be used to determine
+ if an event belongs to the class.
+A is the human readable name of the class. It should only be defined once per
+ class (preferably at the first occurrence of the matching C value).
+Optimisation numérique locale::Opti num locale::ONL
+::TD Opti num locale Groupe B::ONL
+::TD Opti num locale Groupe A::ONL
+::TD Opti num locale::ONL
+::TP Opti num locale::ONL
+::TD A Opti num locale::ONL
+::TD B Opti num locale::ONL
+::TP A Opti num locale::ONL
+::TP B Opti num locale::ONL
+::EXAMEN : Opti num locale::ONL
+::EXAMEN Opti num locale::ONL
+::EXAMEN 1 - Opti num locale::ONL