BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdds forgotten variable constructor.Nathanael Sensfelder29 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
29 hoursAdds forgotten variable constructor.HEADmasterNathanael Sensfelder
29 hoursFixes issues with the optimization.Nathanael Sensfelder
36 hoursFixes apply('bind'), optimizes 'bind', 'ternary'.Nathanael Sensfelder
36 hoursAdds 'if-then-else/ternary' and 'let/bind' ops.Nathanael Sensfelder
10 daysExposes basic_apply_to/2.Nathanael Sensfelder
12 daysAdds orddict update optimization.nsensfel
14 daysValidated through dialyzer.Nathanael Sensfelder
14 days...nsensfel
14 daysPretty sure the lists should be reverse.Nathanael Sensfelder
14 daysAdds another optimization.Nathanael Sensfelder