Tacticians Online - Server

This is the code for the back-end of Tacticians Online, an online multiplayer turn-based strategy game.

Getting Started


  • Erlang
  • GNU make
  • Jiffy (JSON NIFs for Erlang)
  • Tacticians Online - Data
  • Ataxia
  • Yaws
  • m4


  1. Go into the directory in which this repository was cloned.
  2. Set the DATA_DIR variable in ./Makefile to match the "Tacticians Online - Data" directory.
  3. Copy Yaws's yaws_api.hrl file to the ./include/ directory.
  4. Run $ make.
  5. Run $ make run_db_node, and then $ make run_query_node in parallel.
  6. You should be done. If Erlang complains about node addresses, you might need to set the ERL_NAME_VS_SNAME variable in ./Makefile to its other value.

Screenshot (of the Client)

Screenshot of a battle


Apache License 2.0 (see ./LICENSE)