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* Seems better now.nsensfel2018-04-17
* Changing the layout...nsensfel2018-04-17
* Adds a button for attack without moving.Nathanael Sensfelder2018-04-16
* Send -> CommNathanael Sensfelder2018-03-09
* Stores weapons dataset in model.nsensfel2018-02-22
* Adds the SwitchWeapon action.calc_statsnsensfel2018-02-20
* It compiles once more.nsensfel2018-02-19
* Cleans up unused imports.nsensfel2018-02-19
* Separates click on char from map / from char menunsensfel2018-01-11
* Makes it easier to see what is clickable.nsensfel2018-01-09
* Starting to work on the addition of inventories.nsensfel2018-01-05
* It compiles again.nsensfel2017-12-08
* ...nsensfel2017-12-07
* Still working on that reorganization...nsensfel2017-12-06
* Trying to figure out how to organize the code...nsensfel2017-12-05