What is JabberHive?

JabberHive is a modular ChatBot system. All "modules" are in fact separate programs linked together using the JabberHive Protocol. Please refer to the protocol for more information.

Component Description

  • Filter for a JabberHive network.
  • Randomly transforms ?RLR queries into ?RL ones.
  • The transformation chance is a run-time parameter.

JabberHive Protocol Compatibility

  • Protocol Version(s): 1.
  • Inbound Connections: Multiple.
  • Outbound Connections: Multiple.
  • Pipelining: No.
  • Behavior: Filter.


  • Does not correctly reply to Pipelining & Protocol Version requests.


  • POSIX compliant OS.
  • C compiler (with C99 support).
  • (GNU) make.