ataxiaTerrible DB system made by misusing the Mnesia API. 4 months
calendarUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 years
ghdl2hastabelTurn ASTs from GHDL into HaStABeL models. 15 months
hastabel(Ha)rdware (St)ructure (A)nd (Be)havior (L)ogic library. 15 months
hastabel-sol-printerPretty printer for HaStABeL sol.{mod,lvl} files. 15 months
hastabel2idpUse IDP as a model checker for HaStABeL. 15 months
jabberhive/filter/limiterRandomized "?RLR" to "?RL" Filter for JabberHive chatbots. 24 months
jabberhive/filter/lowercaseJabberHive filter that turns the STRING component of "?RL", "?RLR", and "?RR" re...24 months
jabberhive/filter/regexRegular expression based multiplexing Filter for JabberHive chatbots. 2 years
jabberhive/filter/storageJabberHive filter that stores the STRING associated with any "Learn" request pas...15 months
jabberhive/gateway/cliGateway to the Command Line Interface for JabberHive chatbots. 24 months
jabberhive/gateway/discordGateway to Discord for JabberHive chatbots. 5 months
jabberhive/gateway/ircGateway to the Internet Relay Chat for JabberHive chatbots. 24 months
jabberhive/protocolDefinition of the protocol used by JabberHive chatbots. 2 years
jabberhive/server/markov-k-ramK-order Markov Chain server for JabberHive chatbots. 24 months
net2rdpConverts from Tina's NET format to the format used in an ISAE Supaero lecture. 3 years
relabsdTurns your input devices into joysticks by converting relative axes into absolut...3 years
tabellionVerification tool for VHDL (or at least the prototype of one). 22 months
tacticians-clientWeb-based client for Tacticians Online, written in Elm. 2 months
tacticians-dataData for Tacticians Online. 2 months
tacticians-designDesign document(s) for Tacticians Online. 11 days
tacticians-extensionHave your browser nag Tacticians Online for active battles. 11 months
tacticians-serverServer for Tacticians Online, written in Erlang. 5 days
zero-of-oneK-order Markov chain reply bot for IRC, precursor to JabberHive chatbots. 3 years