ataxiaTerrible DB system made by misusing the Mnesia API. 16 months
calendarHandled merging and splitting of all the calendars I had to deal with at the Uni...5 years
codex-arcanaCollection of useful scripts & configuration files. 22 months
ghdl2hastabelTurn ASTs from GHDL into HaStABeL models. 3 years
hastabel(Ha)rdware (St)ructure (A)nd (Be)havior (L)ogic library. 3 years
hastabel-sol-printerPretty printer for HaStABeL sol.{mod,lvl} files. 3 years
hastabel2idpUse IDP as a model checker for HaStABeL. 3 years
jabberhive/filter/limiterRandomized "?RLR" to "?RL" Filter for JabberHive chatbots. 4 years
jabberhive/filter/lowercaseJabberHive filter that turns the STRING component of "?RL", "?RLR", and "?RR" re...4 years
jabberhive/filter/regexRegular expression based multiplexing Filter for JabberHive chatbots. 4 years
jabberhive/filter/storageJabberHive filter that stores the STRING associated with any "Learn" request pas...3 years
jabberhive/filter/two-way-replaceJabberHive node mainly used to handle punctuation. 4 months
jabberhive/gateway/cliGateway to the Command Line Interface for JabberHive chatbots. 4 years
jabberhive/gateway/discordGateway to Discord for JabberHive chatbots. 4 months
jabberhive/gateway/ircGateway to the Internet Relay Chat for JabberHive chatbots. 4 years
jabberhive/protocolDefinition of the protocol used by JabberHive chatbots. 4 years
jabberhive/server/markov-k-ramK-order Markov Chain server for JabberHive chatbots. 4 years
net2rdpConverts from Tina's NET format to the format used in an ISAE Supaero lecture. 5 years
nickel-bet-clientWeb-based client for Nickel Bet, written in Elm. 20 months
nickel-bet-serverServer for Nickel Bet, written in Erlang.
relabsdTurns your input devices into joysticks by converting relative axes into absolut...5 months
tabellionVerification tool for VHDL (or at least the prototype of one). 4 years
tacticians-clientWeb-based client for Tacticians Online, written in Elm. 2 years
tacticians-dataData for Tacticians Online. 23 months
tacticians-designDesign document(s) for Tacticians Online. 21 months
tacticians-extensionHave your browser nag Tacticians Online for active battles. 3 years
tacticians-serverServer for Tacticians Online, written in Erlang. 24 months
tonkadurNarrative scripting language, with a Lisp style syntax. 5 days
tonkadur-python-interpreterPython3 interpreter for Tonkadur. 9 months
tonkadur-websiteContent of Tonkadur's website. 8 months
zero-of-oneK-order Markov chain reply bot for IRC, precursor to JabberHive chatbots. 5 years